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The Gibson All Wood Les Paul

Gibson Les Paul Standard All Wood model is proud to annouce we have worked closely with Gibson Guitars to produce a limited run of Indian Rosewood Parts for their Les Paul Standard All Wood model. Each guitar was required to have a set of Pickup Rings, Truss Cover, Electronic and Toggle Back Plates.  Each article had to meet Gibson's exacting requirements for precision. Over a series of First Article approvals and specification changes by both parties, we met that requirement. Now, for the first time EVER in the guitar industry, there is a guitar on the market with a set of wood Pickup Rings that have been COMPOUND RADIUSED individually for a combined total of 5 Radii to fit perfectly on the surface of a CARVED TOP Les Paul Standard. This had never been done before and it required two special jigs that only a Master luthier like John Guilford could conceive of and produce so that this level of precision could be achieved over and over.  Matt Guzzetta of Taylor Guitars and Bob Benedetto would be proud.   

If you have a Les Paul Standard and would like to retro fit your guitar with these parts, you can buy them from our webstore!

"Our rings arrived today, and one look at your exquisite workmanship &
quality I must agree this first run was a substantial bargain."

Jack Camarda
Jarrett Guitars

"Thank you for making an excellent product that
definitely complements my guitar and indeed improves the sustain (which I
was defintely skeptical about)."

Jerry Tomlinson

I just wanted to take the time as one master craftsman to another,to tell you how impressed I was w/ the quality of your work!

Rick Robinson

 We are proud to offer P-90 pickup covers as our Newest Addition to the store!


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Brought to you by a popular supply house.
Rushed and unloved.
IS THIS where you want your money to go?

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