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Other than some custom options, pickup rings offered at this site come in two basic shapes.  Flat or Tapered.  When you buy a "set" you will be getting a "flat" set or a "tapered" set.   When you look at the side of a ring, a flat set looks flat  and a tapered set looks tapered - tall in the back and short in the front.  Tapered sets are used primarily to conform to a guitar that has a taller bridge (and the usual corresponding deeper neck angle).  That is why they are recomended for those types of bridges.  Flat sets work well with tremolo type bridges such as a Floyd Rose of various Fender or PRS type tremolo bridge designs.


                  FLAT RING                                            TAPERED RING

The rings on this site are cut to fit most American made electric guitars.  They fit PRS and Gibson made electric guitars very well although they are not well suited to bending over the top carve of a Les Paul for instance.  These rings are cut flat on the underside and do very well with guitar models that have a flat surface for the rings to rest on.  Any PRS guitar and many Gibson models are compatible. Any flat top guitar that has a humbucker route will do well providing a pickguard or other hardware isn't in the way.  The rings are cut to fit standard size humbuckers whether the pickup has a metal cover or not.  Depending on the wood type, the rings may be treated with fingerboard oil or tung oil to help seal the wood and promote a longer life while bringing out the beauty of the wood even more.

If you have a question about the compatibility of these rings with your guitar, you can always submit an email to get the answers to your questions.   

Floyd Rose, Fender, PRS and Gibson are registered trademarks.

"Our rings arrived today, and one look at your exquisite workmanship &
quality I must agree this first run was a substantial bargain."

Jack Camarda
Jarrett Guitars

"Thank you for making an excellent product that
definitely complements my guitar and indeed improves the sustain (which I
was defintely skeptical about)."

Jerry Tomlinson

I just wanted to take the time as one master craftsman to another,to tell you how impressed I was w/ the quality of your work!

Rick Robinson

 We are proud to offer P-90 pickup covers as our Newest Addition to the store!


This is a closeup of a  Nasty CORNER - Hecko in China!!
Brought to you by a popular supply house.
Rushed and unloved.
IS THIS where you want your money to go?

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