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 Links would like to support the online community of hand wired pickup suppliers and all things that make a boutique even better.  If you know of or operate an website that would compliment this array of links, by all means let us know and we'll pursue the link.

Superb guitars! is a division of Guilford Guitars, Inc. 
Each one is personally crafted in a small shop.   
Treat yourself to a visit!!

Mark Webber Custom Pickups

After meeting Mark in person at this summers NAMM show in Nashville, I can tell you that he has a heart of gold and a product to match.  Check out his website and get a set for your next guitar - This Guy is worth it.

Jason wrote the book on winding your own pickup.  He is a dragon chaser and a pioneer in the industry. 
If you endeavor to wind your own  pickups, chances are you know who he is.

Leo Sounds

Custom wound pickups from Germany. Michael from Leo Sounds graciously accept my request to link to their sight and do the same.  They offer an impressive selection of fine hand wound pickups for the discriminating guitarist. does alot of business in Germany and Europe as a whole so this is a great way to support good European manufacturing.

Smits hand wound guitar pickups

What more can you ask for? Smit has scatterwound pickups and a 2 week turnover! WOW! A must see!

J S Moore Pickups

Custom Hand Wound Pickups made by Jon Moore.  I am making a custom hand made Guilford guitar for a customer who has selected these pickups for their sound and highest build quality. They are in the guitar and they sound absolutely fantastic!  Check out Jon's website and order yours for you next guitar and of course,  NOTHING GOES BETTER WITH A HANDMADE PICKUP THAN A HANDMADE PICKUP RING!!  IT'S A PERFECT COMBINATION!

Tom Shorts hand made guitar pickups

Tom Short is a hand wound pickup winder extrodinaire out of California.  If you are looking for an extra special custom pickup for your next guitar, you should look closely at what he offers.


O.C. Duff Pickups

O.C. Duff Pickups is a true custom shop for your handwound pickup needs, using the highest quality, most vintage components available. Owen is your guy.

Bare Knuckle Pickups

Bare Knuckle Pickups - hand wound from the U.K.!  Check them out!

WB Custom Pickups

Will makes some fantastic pickups.   Based out of California, they really are very well networked and their pickups are second to none!  Nice site too!

"Our rings arrived today, and one look at your exquisite workmanship &
quality I must agree this first run was a substantial bargain."

Jack Camarda
Jarrett Guitars

"Thank you for making an excellent product that
definitely complements my guitar and indeed improves the sustain (which I
was defintely skeptical about)."

Jerry Tomlinson

I just wanted to take the time as one master craftsman to another,to tell you how impressed I was w/ the quality of your work!

Rick Robinson

 We are proud to offer P-90 pickup covers as our Newest Addition to the store!


This is a closeup of a  Nasty CORNER - Hecko in China!!
Brought to you by a popular supply house.
Rushed and unloved.
IS THIS where you want your money to go?

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