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Pickup Ring set - PRS Tapered
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This is one of the sets that got us on the map! A classic..but done with more care and precision than others BY FAR! Our Tapered rings are called "Tappered" because they actually tip the pickup toward the neck just enough to let the pickup rest parallel to the strings. Given a deeper neck angle they are better suited on guitars with a Stoptail or Tune-a-matic bridge and are not optimal for guitars equiped with a tremolo. PRS stoptail guitars feature a tapered ring of the same height at both neck and bridge positions and that is our stock set. However, we do make available ring sets with different tapers such as that for a Gibson SG - those will be flat on the underside to rest on the flat surface of a guitar like an SG, Strat, Tele, etc. Be sure to select your taper as per your guitars specific requirement. If you have any questions, just email us a picture of it and we will make sure you get the correct set.  Also, recently PRS has introduced a recessed height hole pocket and we now make them available here - be sure to select that option if you require it.

PRS recessed height adjustment holes
Recessed height holes for PRS (add $5.00)
Wood type
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Be sure to get what your guitar needs to look it's best!
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A very hard to find item that can totally complete the package.  As far as we know, this is the only place you can get them. The knobs are 8-32 threads to match GibsonTM and PRSTM switchcraft 3 way pickup selectors.  They are custom made one at a time here in the shop.  The profile shape, width, height, roundnesss, etc is the same. They are fantastic AND WORTH EVERY PENNY!

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Indian rosewood is a best seller and for good reason - it is beautiful to look at and contributes to the tonal landscape of your guitar.
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Indian rosewood tremolo plate.  Best Seller - looks fantastic and is so much better than plastic!
Customer Reviews
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"Our rings arrived today, and one look at your exquisite workmanship &
quality I must agree this first run was a substantial bargain."

Jack Camarda
Jarrett Guitars

"Thank you for making an excellent product that
definitely complements my guitar and indeed improves the sustain (which I
was defintely skeptical about)."

Jerry Tomlinson

I just wanted to take the time as one master craftsman to another,to tell you how impressed I was w/ the quality of your work!

Rick Robinson

 We are proud to offer P-90 pickup covers as our Newest Addition to the store!


This is a closeup of a  Nasty CORNER - Hecko in China!!
Brought to you by a popular supply house.
Rushed and unloved.
IS THIS where you want your money to go?

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